Medicine & Illness

When a pupil is well enough to be at school but is taking prescribed medicine we are able to administer the medicine if it is brought into school and given to a member of staff. All prescription medicines should be in their original packaging  with a named prescription label. If the prescription is three times a day, school would not normally administer this - we would ask parents to give before school, after school and bed time. 

We are also able to administer un-prescribed medicine on occasion.

A PARENTAL AGREEMENT FORM should also be completed which can be downloaded from this website or collected from the school office.

The Green Hills First medical needs policy can be viewed via the link below:- 


Where a child has suffered from sickness or diarrhoea they should not return to school until at least 48 hours has passed since the last episode, even if they seem well.

Please note when pupils return to school after a period of illness they will be expected to be able to participate fully in all usual lessons, including P.E.

Please take note of the following advice from the NHS:

Make sure you and your child wash your hands regularly while your child is ill and keep them away from school or nursery until at least 48 hours after their symptoms have cleared (see Preventing gastroenteritis).

For further information on infection control guidelines please view the latest Public Health England guidance.

Inhalers and other medication

Where a child has a medical condition which requires them to have medication kept in school, for example inhalers for asthma or epi-pen for nut allergy, a health care plan will be completed.

Staff can administer medicine (prescribed and non-prescribed) where parents sign the appropriate parental agreement form - available from the office.   

Periodic checks will be made by school staff on the medication kept in school but it is a parental responsibility to regularly ensure that medication is correct and in date.


We ask that where possible routine appointments for dentist, optician etc for pupils are made outside school hours but appreciate that this is not always possible.

However, where a hospital appointment requires a significant amount of time missed from lessons we may request sight of the appointment letter relating to the pupil concerned, in order to record any missed session as authorised absence.

Bumped Heads...

There will be occasions during the school day when pupils may knock themselves or bump into each other. When a child bumps their head we will inform you by text and they will also have a sticker on their jumper.

Please refer to the guidelines below if your child bumped their  head at school today: -

Children with apparently minor head injuries should be watched carefully for 24 hours.

Children should be seen by their GP or at hospital if they develop any of the following symptoms

  1. Have a fit;
  2. Become difficult to rouse;
  3. Repeatedly vomit;
  4. Complain of increasing headache, or
  5. Have weakness in an arm or leg.