About Us

School Organisation



There are currently three classes. These are arranged as follows: -

Class 1 - Foundation (Reception) and Year 1
Class 2 - Year 2 and Year 3
class 3 - Year 4 and Year 5

Children move from one class to another mainly by age but where this is not possible the Headteacher will have the final say.


Teaching & Learning

We provide a broad and balanced primary curriculum for our pupils in EYFS through to Year 5. Our children follow a two year curriculum cycle so that children revisit concepts and skills but build knowledge through different topics and themes. We teach a strongly text based curriculum and build on children's learning through first hand experiences where learning is engaging and fun.

For more information about the phonics scheme (Monster Phonics) we use for teaching early reading development, please see our curriculum English page. For information about White Rose Maths and the maths scheme we follow, please see the Maths tab under curriculum when navigating our website. 

The teachers vary their teaching approach depending on the subject and content being taught. Whole class, small groups and individual teaching takes place. Work is differentiated to cater for the needs of all children. Our staff are skilled and knowledgeable at teaching mixed age classes. Learning Intentions and targets are shared with the children to help them understand what they are aiming to learn and what they need to do to progress.

Children are grouped in varying ways and groupings are flexible. They may be ability, age or friendship based.

We sometimes have special focus days or weeks, such as Health Week or Arts Week. We often invite outside agencies to help provide inspiration and specialist skills in many areas of the curriculum.


The School Day

The school day begins at 9:10am. Children are expected to be in the playground ready for the school starting at 9:05am. Registers are closed at 9:10am. Children arriving after this time but before 9:30am are marked as late in the register. 

There is a 15 minute break for all children each morning and a 15 minute break each afternoon for Foundation and Year 1 children. On games or PE days for Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 children may not include an afternoon break.

Lunchtime is from 12 noon for Foundation and Year 1 children until 1:15pm and from 12:15 - 1:15pm for all other children. School ends at 3:30pm for all children.

(Please note that children will not be allowed through the school gate at the close of school until collected by an adult. Year 5 pupils are able to walk home alone if school is given prior notice).