"Working together to be our best"


Across the Green Hills Federation we aim to inspire children in art and design by providing skills and nurturing a positive resilient attitude so they are empowered to have the desire to explore, experiment and create their own works of art. Through art and design we look for the awe and wonder in the world around us and celebrate our part in this. We provide an art and design education where children understand the place of art and creativity in our history and the opportunities for them within the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

We have planned our curriculum to extend the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, to enable them to use their skills confidently and in a range of situations and enrich their lives by exposing them to a variety of first hand experiences and opportunities. We intend to create confident, resilient, independent learners, with a love of learning and with high aspirations for the future. We believe that creativity is valued across all disciplines.

We intend to develop respectful individuals who value keeping themselves healthy in mind and body and make positive contributions to their community and understand the place the arts have in doing this.



Art is taught as part of a half-termly topic, focusing on the knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. It is taught on a rolling programme to ensure all key skills and knowledge are taught and revisited throughout both Key Stages.

Our Art lessons provide a range of skills and experiences for children to produce creative works of art, becoming proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture, print, digital media and collage whilst using sketch books to record their journey. They study a diverse range of artists work and take inspiration from the great artists, craft makers and designers.




We value children’s pieces of art by discussing and appreciating the learning and techniques they mastered to produce it.

We have a long term view to the impact of the arts and see it as a journey where children are given the skills and desire to experiment creatively. We provide opportunities for children to understand personally that creativity is valued and has a place in our society.

Our children have a positive attitude to art and develop a sense of pride in their work.