"Working together to be our best"


Through our history curriculum we aim to ignite pupils curiosity and interest about Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Our aim is to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for History so that children have the necessary knowledge and skills in the subject. 

Our curriculum is enhanced, where appropriate, with a variety of first hand experiences and opportunities such as trips and visitors. 

We look for the awe and wonder in the world around us and celebrate our part in this. 


History is taught each term, focusing on the knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. It is taught within our two-year curriculum cycles allowing pupils to revisit ideas and concepts and make links within their learning. 


We measure the impact of our History teaching against children’s ability to think as historians and demonstrate skills and knowledge in the following areas:

To investigate and interpret the past

To build an overview of British and world history

To understand chronology

To communicate historically