Absence Request

At Thurstonland First School we consider that regular attendance is important for maximising learning.

We follow the guidelines within the Shelley Pyramid of Schools attendance policy which can be viewed here.

Any requests must be put in writing to the Headteacher using the ABSENCE REQUEST FORM and must be made prior to the holiday being booked.

When deciding whether to authorise the absence request the following will be taken into account: -

  • the attendance record of the child
  • the number of days requested
  • the reason for the absence
  • the timing of the absence - see below
  • previous holiday absence

Absence at certain times of the school year may result in pupils experiencing particular difficulties: -

  • the start of a new school year when routines are established
  • the first term of a new school when friendships are formed
  • the beginning of a term - often when new topics are introduced
  • the Spring term when pupils are preparing for SATS (Year 2)